Turn Your Kitchen Into An Exotic Victorian Space With Decor Tips

The modern decorating ideas still use the classic and Victorian style many a times. It is the elegance with simplicity in the Victorian look which the designers love to use in the modern décor. The past homes used to be designed in the Victorian style, and people these days like to add Victorian home design ideas to at least one of their rooms. The kitchen is the best place where you can decorate the space exotically to give it the Victorian look. You will have to visit an antique shop, search for antique auctions online or visit an estate auction where you can find Victorian items to decorate your kitchen with.

Colors to be used:

 Light blue, mauve and cream are the colors which depict the Victorian style of décor. Painting the cabinet doors in blue would be a very good way to start off. Use the mauve color for the countertop accessories. Wrought iron items will look really good for the Victorian style of kitchen décor. Use the kitchen space cleverly to install shelves and place accessories like candles, vase, etc. Bright colors should be avoided for the kitchen décor if you want the Victorian look.

Curtains and Table Cloth:

 As far as the color and design of the curtains and table cloth goes, use something which compliments the color used to paint your kitchen cabinet and walls. You can either buy them from the markets or get them made. Trimming them into ruffles is a good option and is acceptable as far as Victorian look is concerned. The design of the table cloth and the curtains should be the same, accompanied with lace around them. Just be careful about the fact that these curtains and laces are kept well away from the cooking area so that there is no chance of any safety hazard.

Furniture Options:

Free standing units are a must for the Victorian style kitchens, but if you prefer the fixed ones then that will not ruin your kitchen’s Victorian look. There are not many options available for adding furniture in the kitchen, but the best ones are the wash stands or the small sized dressers. Painting them in white or cream color would be the ideal thing to do. After that it is up to you to use the antiques to decorate the furniture and make it look even better. You can easily find appropriate accessories online or at the antique stores.

Wall Décor:

For a Victorian style of décor for your kitchen it is very important to decorate the walls in the right way. Hanging frames which have pictures of Victorian times and places is a very good idea to use. Even pictures of Victorian homes and décor can be hung on the walls. Wall painting options can be used to showcase the Victorian style of décor. You can use square or diamond shaped mirrors for hanging them on the walls of your kitchen. There are many other wall accessories available in the market to decorate the kitchen walls.

Flooring Options:

Linoleum is a good option for the flooring of the kitchen, especially in cream color. Use rag rugs for the floors and place them either near the stove or in front of the fireplace if your kitchen has one. You can place different design and shaped rugs in places like in front of the dresser table or the wash stand. The main idea with the flooring is to give it a good Victorian look with the comfort one needs in the kitchen. A clean and exotic way of designing and decorating the kitchen will let you achieve the Victorian look.

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